Company Introduction
If the belief is a faint radiance, we will hold it to the heavens in a perseverance; if the cause is a burning flame, we will lift it high and illuminate the whole world. Sophisticated, "Lei" leads the world - Wuxi Reid Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.
The company is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake—Wuxi. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, manufacture and service. It undertakes the overall design of electroplating wire body for various products such as semiconductor, connector, auto parts, PCB, hardware and plastic. , manufacturing, transformation, maintenance projects.
For more than ten years, the time has passed. The company currently has more than 8,000 square meters of research and development, production base, with a registered capital of 22 million yuan. More than 100 employees, more than 10 senior engineers. The company has a complete production system consisting of multiple four-axis machining centers, CNC machine tools and various auxiliary equipment. The design department uses various industry software (such as VB, configuration, Solidworks, ProE, etc.) for professional product design. Feasibility assessment and dynamic testing, pre-testing and evaluating product feasibility, and eliminating problems that may arise during the manufacturing process, ensuring perfect interface between design and manufacturing! The company has a branch office in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, serving the entire economically developed regions of East China and South China, providing customers with more convenient personalized service and technical support.
The company currently operates products with Capabilities
1. Complete set of high-precision selective spot plating, wheel plating, immersion plating and brush plating equipment
2, complete set of roll-to-roll terminals, shaped terminals, connectors, strips, wire equipment
3, multi-function single plating equipment, rocking device, immersion gold, gold casting equipment
4. Hanging plating, barrel plating, gantry type, single arm type, vertical lifting, climbing line, steel strip tinning line and three waste treatment projects
5, vertical continuous plating equipment, copper sinking gold, chemical nickel, plated through holes, primary copper secondary copper, desmear, graphic plating, full plate plating and other PCB plating equipment
6, electroplating, electrophoresis power supply: high frequency switching DC, pulse, chrome, pure DC rectifier
7, ultrasonic cleaning machine, vertical chemical pump, filter, plating drum, peripheral equipment accessories
8, the whole plant equipment automation control, workshop energy saving, increase production line capacity and other projects
9, LED high-speed slicer, leveling machine, automatic receiving and discharging machine
10, automatic mechanical design, visual inspection equipment development, automatic program development, etc., can provide customers with a full range of services from a single device to the entire plant planning
Today, the Reid people continue to uphold the character of fearless danger, perseverance and courage, stand at a new starting point, and move towards a brighter future with the heroic spirit of the future! Casting classics with quality, the products are brilliant! Sophisticated, "Le" leads the world!
"Customer first, quality first, honesty, innovation" is our long-term service tenet. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to cooperate and create brilliant tomorrow.
The development strategy of Reid Environmental is:
Perseverance: Adhere to scientific development, implement strategic management, and strive to become an advanced processing and manufacturing industry.
Focus: Guided by corporate profits and brand value-added, based on differentiated competition, with the purpose of value added.
Technology: Integrate rich resources, gather elites from all sides, accumulate Chinese and foreign experience, and upgrade the level of science and technology.
Innovation: Create an open environment, encourage innovative ideas, conceive extraordinary ideas, and promote business development.

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